How do I Change My Bank Details?

How do I Change My Bank Details?

AbeBooks uses electronic fund transfers (EFT) to make payments for your AbeBooks orders directly into your bank account. AbeBooks supports making payments by EFT based on your country of domicile. AbeBooks does not pay sellers by check or by monthly wire transfer.

When updating your banking details, please have the following information available depending on your country:

For sellers under the North American Agreement:

  • Bank Country
  • Bank Account Holder
  • Bank Routing Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Account Type

For sellers under to the European Agreement:

  • Bank Country
  • Bank Account Holder
  • Bank ID/SWIFT
  • IBAN: An International Bank Account Number is the international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders. Please contact your bank if you do not know this number.

If you are unsure which Agreement applies to you, select [View Seller Agreement] in the My Personal Information section of your Members Menu.

To add or update your banking information:

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.
  2. Select [My Banking Information] in the My Payments section of the Members Menu.
  3. Select your location from the Bank Country list. Enter your bank routing number, your account number, and select the appropriate option from the Account Type list.

Note that only the last 3 digits of your previously-saved account number will be displayed in the ‘Bank Account Number on File’ field. In order to save changes to any field on the page, you will need to re-enter your full account number in the ‘Bank Account Number’ field. If you have a new account number, enter that number in the field.

  1. If your AbeBooks account address is a P.O. Box, please enter YOUR (not your bank’s) physical address in the form at the bottom of the screen.

> Learn more about the Physical Address Requirement for North American Booksellers

  1. Enter your password in the ‘Confirm AbeBooks Password’ field.
  2. Click the [Add Bank Details] button.

Please ensure that your banking information is correct and kept up-to-date. AbeBooks cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Missing, out-of-date, or incorrect information will result in failed EFT transfers, resulting in delayed payments for you.

EFT can only be used to deposit funds; AbeBooks cannot remove money from a seller’s bank account.

Requirement – Bank Account in the US

Sellers in certain non-US jurisdictions may be required to provide a bank account in the US for their AbeBooks payments.

Before you can enter US bank account information into your AbeBooks account, you must complete a W-8BEN tax form.

>Learn more about the W-8BEN form

If you are unable to open a bank account in the US, there are third-party payment solutions, such as Payoneer, TransferWise, and WorldFirst which may be able to provide you with a bank account in the US to use for disbursement from your AbeBooks account. AbeBooks is not affiliated with these companies and it is your responsibility to determine whether one of these third-party payment solutions, or another option, is right for you.

If you contact one of these providers, you can explain to them that you require a bank account in the US for receiving payments. They will help set that up for you and the bank account number they provide to you is the number you should enter in your AbeBooks account.

Payoneer – Global Payment Service: