How Do Your Shipping Rates And Speeds Work?

There is no single, set shipping rate or speed. AbeBooks is an online marketplace so we do not ship any books ourselves. We connect you with independent booksellers around the world and those sellers ship the books directly to their customers.

  • Each bookseller sets their own shipping rates and speeds for the books they are offering.
  • Sellers also decide on the method of shipment.
  • For these reasons, shipping costs and delivery speeds vary between sellers.

Shipping costs also do not include taxes or duties for cross-border shipments, which are the responsibility of the buyer.

When you search for a book, our search results are ordered by lowest total price (book price + shipping price), although you can choose to sort by other criteria.

The shipping price is displayed below the book price.

To update the shipping details for the destination of your book, click on [Destination, Rates, Speeds] within that particular listing and a window will open displaying the shipping speeds and the rates offered by that particular seller. Follow the instructions to adjust the destination.

After you have added a book to your shopping basket, you will also see the shipping rates and speeds for that particular book. You can use the drop-down arrow next to the displayed shipping speed/rate to select a different speed/rate.

You can also use our Free Shipping page to find books without shipping charges.

Some booksellers offer a shipping discount on orders for multiple books.