The Transactions tab allows you to review the account transactions that make up your statement balance and reconcile the statement totals. The information provided is the essential data required to reconcile totals on your statement. 

To view your transactions, select the Transactions tab from the Statements and Reporting link in the My Payments section of your Members Menu. 

You can choose to see transactions by your chosen statement period or by transaction type. Once selected, simply click Update to generate the transactions during that time.

Transactions Explained


The date that the transaction was posted to your account. For an order, it is the date when you processed the order.

Transaction type

Will be one of the following options:

  • Order – an order of an item
  • Refund – a refund (partial or full) of an item
  • AbeBooks Retail (any packing material or freeway stamps purchased)
  • Manual Adjustments
  • Subscription Fees

AbeBooks order no.The AbeBooks Purchase Order Number if applicable to the transaction


A summary description of the item(s) provided by you (for a book this will be the title)

List price

This is the purchase amount of the item or the amount refunded excluding shipping

Shipping price

This is the shipping amount that was charged or refunded including extra charges requests

Sales proceeds

The total amount of proceeds including shipping generated for this transaction before applicable fees

Commission fees

The total amount of commission fees charged for this transaction including taxes

External payment service fee

The total fee charged for processing credit card transactions for this transaction including taxes


This could be any manual adjustments that were made by our Accounting Team for your orders, refunds or fees


The total amount of proceeds generated for this transaction before applicable fees