The term “ebook” refers to books that are published in an electronic format and can take the form of, among others:

  • A downloadable file in PDF or other format. The book’s format should be clearly specified in the book’s description.
  • An access code that will provide access to an online version of the book, sometimes for a specified, limited period of time.

Ebooks ordered via AbeBooks are not downloaded through our website. Delivery methods vary between sellers. The bookseller from whom you order will contact you with delivery details.

If you are unsure whether an ebook is compatible with your device, please contact the bookseller directly for clarification. Use the ‘Ask Bookseller a Question’ link within the listing.

AbeBooks’ Bookseller Policy requires that all ebooks be accurately described as such, by the inclusion of the phrase, “This is an ebook,” in the book’s description.

Booksellers offering ebooks on AbeBooks must adhere to publishers copyright restrictions. If the copyright holder informs us of a violation of those rights, we will take immediate action and remove those listings.

To search specifically for ebooks, search for your book by title, author, and/or ISBN, and include ebook and/or e-book in the Keywords field.

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