Getting Started With AbeBooks

Welcome to AbeBooks!

After your application has been processed and your account has been activated, you can access your bookseller account by clicking [Sign On] at the top-right of any page, and entering the email and password you used to create the account. Please note that the password is case sensitive.


Getting Your Books Online:

If you don’t yet know which inventory management method you will be using, we recommend starting with HomeBase, AbeBooks’ free inventory management software. If you prefer not to use HomeBase, and you don’t have your own database, you can use our Online Inventory Management System to easily add, update, and categorize your listings directly through your AbeBooks bookseller account.

If you have your own database already, simply upload your first inventory file and contact Customer Support for further assistance.

   Learn more about third-party inventory management programs that integrate with AbeBooks


Setting Your Shipping Rates and Speeds:

The shipping matrix is pre-populated with default shipping rates and speeds for both domestic and international destinations, however, as soon as your bookseller application has been processed and your account is activated, you will be able to update the matrix to suit your specific business needs.

   Learn more about the Shipping Matrix


Adding Tracking to Your Orders:

We recommend providing tracking for all orders. Select a tracking option through whichever shipping service you use and then enter the details in the AbeBooks system.

   Learn more about adding tracking


Terms and Disclaimers:

AbeBooks provides you with the ability to display consumer-facing information on your Storefront, through a set of text elements and Legal Disclaimers, such as the following:

  • Store Description & About
  • Terms of Sale
  • Shipping Terms
  • Information Regarding the Right of Cancellation
  • Detailed Seller Information
  • Privacy and Security

These details are publically displayed on our marketplace. As a bookseller on the AbeBooks marketplace, your inventory is listed for sale on websites that serve customers respectively in the United States (, United Kingdom (, Germany ( and/or, France (, Spain ( and Italy ( Please note, you have the ability to modify your information in order to meet the requirements of a particular country and offer your Terms and Disclaimers in a particular country’s language.


Updating Your Accepted Payment Methods:

Our external payment service provider will process credit card payments on your behalf but you can choose to offer additional methods such as check, money order, or PayPal.

   Learn more about payment methods


Managing Orders, Emails, and Customer Inquiries

Although most AbeBooks notifications are emailed to you, we recommend signing on to your AbeBooks account at least once per day to check for orders and customer inquiries. Doing so will ensure both are processed in a timely manner. Remember that AbeBooks Bookseller Policy requires booksellers to process and ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt, and to respond to all customer inquiries within 2 business days.

   View and Re-send Your AbeBooks Emails


Your Bookseller Rating

AbeBooks Bookseller Ratings, displayed online in a 5-star format, are based on order Completion Rate. Bookseller Ratings are updated on the 1st and 15th of every month and represent the percentage of orders that have been successfully completed by an individual bookseller during the previous 6 months.

As a new seller with zero orders, you will default to a 4 star rating until you receive your first order.

Once you’ve received 1 – 3 orders, if any of those orders are rejected or returned your displayed rating will continue to default to 4 stars. However, if you complete all of the orders, your displayed rating will reflect 100% completion, which is 5 stars.

Once you receive 4 or more orders, your star rating will reflect your actual completion rate for the orders received.


Finding Answers to Your Questions:

Our Bookseller Help pages have the answers to most bookseller questions. The following pages contain important information that all booksellers should be aware of and that will help you get off to a strong start selling with AbeBooks:

Our strategies for selling more books will also help you make the most of your AbeBooks bookselling experience.