How do I Customize My Storefront?

AbeBooks provides every registered bookseller with free storefront that is accessible via all our sites. Your storefront provides you with a unique URL that you can provide to buyers, so they can search your inventory exclusively.

You can customize your storefront to present specific information about your business, including a description and contact details, your own catalogs, and an image. You can edit your storefront as many times as you wish.

Follow these instructions to customize your storefront:

  1. Click [Edit My Storefront] in the ‘My Personal Information’ section of your [My Account Page].
  2. De-select any contact information you don’t want displayed by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes, and then enter a description of your bookselling business in ‘About your bookstore’.
  3. Select up to 2 catalogs to highlight on your storefront and enter a headline and description for each. All your catalogs will be displayed on your storefront, even if you select none to highlight.
  4. Choose a color and style for your storefront by clicking the radio button next to the desired template.
  5. Select one of our default images by clicking the radio button next to your desired picture. OR Upload your own image by checking ‘Your uploaded image’ and using the [Browse] button to locate your image file. Click [Upload].
  6. Click [Save and View Storefront].
  7. If you wish to make further edits, click [Edit This Page].