How do I View My Payments and Sales?

You can easily view your account activity from the Members Menu.

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.
  2. Click [My Account Activity] in the ‘My Payments’ section of Menu.
  3. Select the Month and Year from the drop-down list for Statement Period, and click the [View] button.

Here we list your subscription, commissions and external payment service fees, and fees refunded because of returns. Payments to and from you are also listed.

Viewing Sales Details by Week

With the AbeBooks billing and payment system, all orders within a week are included in Friday’s Payment Notification email. This email informs you of the payment amount; your [Sales Details by Week] screen shows you which orders and returns that amount includes.

The payment itself will be sent to your bank by EFT one week later, on the following Friday, and will be deposited into your account based on your bank’s own processes and time frames.

To access your Sales Details by Week:

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account.
  2. Click [My Account Activity] in the ‘My Payments’ section of Menu.
  3. Select the statement month that included the week you would like to view, .i.e. the last week in February will be included in your March monthly statement.
  4. Click the [Weekly Summaries for Statement Period] link.
  5. Locate the week for which you wish to view the sales details.
  6. Click the [Sales Details by Week] link.

The month that you select from the drop-down list indicates the statement period. Each statement period runs from the first Friday of one month to the first Friday of the next. If you would like to view your sales from the week of Jan. 14th to 21st, for example, you would select [February] as this week was included in the statement that you received on the first Friday in February.

Offset Billing

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