How do I upload multiple documents for bookseller identification?

As your sales surpass certain thresholds, some additional information may be required to verify your identity or your business identity. Some of these requirements may involve uploading more than one supporting piece of documentation, or multiple files (for example: front and back photos of a single pieces of ID).

Note: Either a scan or a photo are acceptable as long as the document is clear and easy to read, and fulfills the described requirements.

There are several ways to submit multiple documents:

  • Upload documents individually
  • Add all of the documents to a single Word file
  • Compress multiple files into a zip file or folder

Individual Uploads

The AbeBooks system currently allows for only one document to be uploaded a time. However, if you upload one document successfully, you can upload subsequent documents by reloading the page and using the same submission form for a second time.

*Please note that you must allow approximately 5 minutes between each upload to ensure that the original file is not overwritten.

Word Document

Files in the following formats may be added to a Word document and sent to AbeBooks as a single upload: .bmp, .gif, .png, .tiff, .jpg/.jpeg.

  1. Make sure all the images or documents you wish to submit to us are in one folder.
  2. Open a new blank Word document.
  3. Click the Insert tab (See Diagram 1, Red Selection)
  4. Select Pictures (See Diagram 1, Yellow Selection)
  5. Browse to the location where the documents and or images are stored, you can highlight more than one by selecting “Ctrl” and click on each image to include.
  6. Click ‘Insert’ button to place images into word processor (See Diagram 2, Blue Section):
  7. doc01

  8. Once all of your images are in the document, click ‘File’ and then ‘Save.’ Make sure that the file is saved as a .doc or .docx Word Document.
  9. Upload the document via your AbeBooks account.

Zip File

If you have multiple documents in different formats you can send a compressed file of the images or documents to AbeBooks.

  1. Make sure all the images or documents you wish to submit to us are saved in a single folder. This folder should contain no files other than those you want to send.
  2. Locate the folder on your computer and right click. Hover over ‘Send To’ and then select [Compressed (zipped) folder]:
  3. doc02

  4. A new file will appear. Click [Enter] to create and save the compressed folder.
  5. Upload the file via your AbeBooks account.