HomeBase 3.2 – Wants

From the Wants screen you can:

  • Add new Wants
  • Edit existing Wants
  • Delete Wants
  • Search through existing Wants

Wants can be added, edited or deleted in the same way as listings. Just be sure you are in the ‘Wants’ tab before beginning.

Some notes about the Wants list view:

  • Columns may be added to the list view by right-clicking on a column header and choosing ‘Column Chooser’ and dragging the new column onto the headers in the desired position.
  • Columns can be removed from the list view by right-clicking a column header and dragging the column onto the Column Chooser. (Note: Any column that can be filtered on may not be removed.)
  • Columns can be moved by dragging the header name to the desired position within the header row. Resizing is accomplished by dragging the edge of any column. Both these changes are saved automatically.
  • Default columns/sizes/positions can be restored at any time using the Options menu in the toolbar. Simply go to Tools > Options > Reset Default Columns.
  • All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order simply by clicking the column header. Click again to reverse the order.