How do I Cancel a Return?

Booksellers can cancel returns they have initiated themselves, as long as the refund has not yet completed. Completed refunds cannot be reversed.

For orders placed on, booksellers can also cancel buyer-initiated returns for the reason ‘Buyer does not want item’ only, and the return must be cancelled within two days of being initiated by the buyer. After two days, the return is considered accepted and cannot be cancelled.

For orders placed on any of AbeBooks European domains booksellers cannot cancel buyer-initiated returns, regardless of return reason.

To cancel a return or refund:

  1. On your [My Account] page, click [View and Process Orders] in the My Sales section of the Menu.
  2. On the Order List screen, enter the AbeBooks Purchase Order Number and click [List Orders].
  3. Click [Update Return].
  4. Click [Cancel Return/Refund].
  5. Click [Confirm] to complete the cancellation.

Please note that if the buyer has provided tracking information for the return of the book, you will be unable to cancel the return. Instead, we’ll provide the tracking number and you can follow up with the shipping company or the buyer.

Note: If you are trying to cancel a return because you have not received the book back, please use the Notify AbeBooks of a Missing Shipment option instead.