How Do I Get Sales Reports?

You can download a report that includes details of all of your sales for the previous month or for the previous calendar year. These reports are in .tab format, and can be imported into a spreadsheet program, where you can sort, print, and format the data to suit your needs. The reports contain the same information found in the [Sales Details] section of your account, accessed through the [Account Activity] link in your Members Menu.

Each monthly downloadable report is generated on the first Friday of the month following, i.e. January’s report will be available on the first Friday in February. The yearly report is generated in January of the following year.

Follow these instructions to download a sales report:

  1. Click [Account Activity Report] beneath ‘My Payments’.
  2. Use the drop-down menus to find the correct month or year and click [Download]].
  3. Select [Save] and choose an appropriate location to save the file.

The saved report can now be imported into your spreadsheet or database. For further information on importing the file into your preferred program, consult that program’s help files.