How do I Initiate a Return/Refund?

There may be times when you will need to refund a buyer or arrange for a item to be returned to you. You can also issue partial refunds*.

All refunds and returns must be processed through the AbeBooks system and all refunds must be provided to the buyer by the same payment method originally used for the order. Any attempt to manipulate return and/or completion rates by issuing refunds outside our system, and/or by a method other than the buyer’s original payment method, is violation of AbeBooks policy.

As the seller, we encourage you to use all self-serve options. All sellers have the ability to initiate a return/refund through your account at any time after you’ve confirmed an order, up until 90 days past the order’s estimated delivery date. If you wish to issue a refund beyond this time frame, simply contact Customer Support and they’ll be happy to process the return/refund on your behalf.

Follow these instructions to request a return or refund:

  1. Click [View and Process Orders] in the My Sales section of your [My Account] page.
  2. Enter the AbeBooks purchase order number and click [List Orders] or find the order in your recent received order history.
  3. Click [Request a Refund].
  4. Select the return reason and enter your comments for the buyer.
  5. Click [Initiate Return/Refund].
  6. If prompted, select whether you’d like to process the refund right away or when you receive the item back from the buyer.
  7. If prompted, select whether to refund return shipping to the buyer.
  8. Click [Confirm] to confirm the return or [Edit Return/Refund] to make changes.

Your account will be credited for fees charged on the order as soon as the refund is completed. Note that no fees are credited on partial refunds.

If the item is still available, you will need to relist it as ‘for sale’.

The same process can be used when need to refund an order you’ve accepted in error or any of the reasons listed here.

Please note that our sellers are required to meet a minimum standard of at least 90% completion rating, and less then 5% rate of refund.  Please click here for more information about our policy on your Completion Rating and our minimum requirements.

*Notes about Partial Refunds:

  • The amount of a partial refund cannot exceed 75% of the item cost.
  • Since the minimum listing price on AbeBooks is US $1.00, a partial refund cannot be issued on a item priced at US $1.00.
  • A shipping refund cannot exceed the original shipping charge (including extra or reduced prices).
  • Commission and external payment service fees are not refunded on partial refunds.