How Do I Narrow Down Search Results?

Sometimes when you search for a book, you may receive a large list of results. Once you have completed the first search, you can re-sort the list of books or refine the list by searching within the search results list using more criteria.

To sort the books in the search results:

Select an option from the [Sort Results By] drop-down list.

To refine the search:

On the left-hand side of your search results page, you’re presented with options to narrow your results by adding refinements.

Narrowing by attributes allows you to specify if you’d like to see only hard cover books, First Editions, books with dust jackets, etc.

You can also refine search results by the bookseller’s location. For instance, if it’s important that you get a book quickly, you may want to see only copies of the book offered by booksellers in your country. To view and select a country refinement, click the drop-down arrow below “Bookseller Location”.

You can also refine search results by Bookseller Rating. For example, if you would prefer to order from a bookseller with a higher percentage of completed orders, you can refine your search to sellers with a rating of 4 stars and higher.

“Search Within These Results” at the top of the results allows you use keywords as refinements. For example, if your search results were broad, you could narrow them by specifying the type of book, such as “Cookbook” or “Biography,” etc. You can also select ‘Edit Your Search’ to refine your search criteria even further through the Advanced Search screen. Selecting this option will preserve the criteria you’ve already entered, as well as any refinements you’ve already selected.

Removing refinements:

Any time you would like to remove refinements you have added to your search results, simply click the [X] next to the refinement in the ‘You Searched For:’ section at the top of your results page.