How Do I Search by ISBN?

You can search by ISBN through any AbeBooks Search form:

You can search for multiple ISBNs simultaneously through the Search function on Textbook Central.

We also have a help video devoted to searching for textbooks by ISBN

Search Format:

  • ISBNs can be entered with or without dashes.
  • ISBNs consist of either 10 or 13 digits.

Regardless of which format is entered, our search engine will look for both the 10-digit ISBN and books with the equivalent 13-digit ISBN. For example, the following searches will return the same results:

  • 0860688666
  • 0-860-68866-6
  • 9780860688662 (equivalent 13-digit ISBN)

A Word of Caution for Textbook Buyers:

While searching by ISBN can be fast and easy, it’s always a good idea to review the details of a particular listing before ordering, just in case there are any errors in the bibliographic details. For example, a bookseller might occasionally list a study guide with the textbook’s ISBN or they might list an International Edition with the domestic edition’s ISBN. Reviewing the book’s description before proceeding to checkout will help ensure you’re ordering the right book.

If in doubt, use the [Ask bookseller a question] link to contact the bookseller directly.