How Do I Search For Multiple Books From One Seller?

Ordering more than one book from a single bookseller can sometimes be a way to save on shipping costs. There are several ways to do this.

From your shopping basket:

  1. After finding a book you’d like to purchase, click [Add to Basket].
  2. Click [Find More Books from this Seller] above the book’s title in your basket.
  3. You will now be on the seller’s storefront where you can search just their inventory.


From a seller’s storefront

Storefronts are ideal for searching the inventory of specific booksellers – some customers bookmark the storefronts of their favorite sellers in their Internet browser.

  1. Click Bookstores in the red banner across the top of any page on AbeBooks
  2. Search or browse for a bookseller by name or location.
  3. Use the search box to search for a specific book or click [List this seller’s books] to browse through all their listings.

Storefronts can also be accessed from search results by clicking [More Books from this Seller].

From an individual book listing

  1. From the search results, click the book title to reach that listing’s details page, then click [Bookseller & Payment Information].
  2. You then have a choice of clicking the seller’s name to access their storefront or [Search this Seller’s Books] or [List this Seller’s Books].