How Do I Temporarily Remove My Books from the Site?

You can temporarily remove your inventory from AbeBooks by putting your books on ‘Vacation’. If you are unable to process orders for a period time, such as during a holiday, this option will prevent expired orders and disappointed buyers.

If you are unavailable to process orders and choose not to use the Vacation option, AbeBooks will not exclude any expired orders that result.

  1. Click [Put My Books on Vacation] in the ‘My Books’ section of your [My Account] page.
  2. Select the date you would like your inventory removed.
  3. Click [Schedule Vacation].

If your plans change before your vacation begins, you can return to this screen to change your start date or cancel your vacation.

Subscription Fees:

‘Vacation’ status applies to the removal of your inventory only. While your books are offline, your bookseller account remains active, therefore subscription fees still apply. Your monthly subscription fee is calculated based on your average online book count for the previous month. Your book count for days on ‘Vacation’ will be zero and those days will be included in the calculation of your average. If you have an average of zero books online for an entire month due to ‘Vacation’, then the minimum subscription fee will apply for the month following.

> View subscription rates. (Must be signed on to your AbeBooks acount.)

Please do not upload inventory while your account is on vacation. The upload will not be processed.

Our two-day response policy still applies while your books are on vacation, as you could be contacted by AbeBooks staff or customers regarding past orders and/or outstanding returns.


To restore your inventory:

  1. In the ‘Vacation’ reminder near the top of your [My Account] page, click the link to restore your inventory. ~ OR ~ Click [Put My Books on Vacation] in the ‘My Books’ section of the menu.
  2. Click [Restore Inventory].

Your inventory will be restored within 6 to 24 hours.