How to Browse Wants and Use Matches

When a buyer creates a Want, we will match that Want against all listings currently available on AbeBooks. We will then subsequently match that Want against all new listings uploaded by all sellers. Buyers are notified of all matches by email.

Match Reports:

Whenever you upload a new listing, or when a buyer adds a new Want, and a match is made, a record of the match is added to your account and saved for one week. To view your match reports, click [My Books Matched Against Wants] in the ‘My Books’ section of your Members Menu.

The match report will default to today’s date. To view matches for previous days in the current 7 day period, use the ‘Select date for matches:’ drop-down menu to change the date and click [Show Matches].

While the buyer is not identified, there are several ways sellers make use of these reports. Here are the Top 3:

  • Scan the titles and authors in the match list. Notice any typos? Click the ‘Change this book’ link to make corrections.
  • Is a book matching often but never selling? This may be a sign that the description is too sparse or the price too high, or it’s possible adding an image may help. Examine the listing and compare it to others from other booksellers for clues.
  • If books by a specific author or with a particular subject match often, it’s a good indication that there are collectors out there looking for those books. If you have similar books in your inventory but not online, upload them now! This could also influence your buying habits.