I Got an Error Message When Processing an Order – What Does this Mean?

Occasionally, an order will go into a status known as ‘OrderUpdate Record Lock.’ This status occurs when there is a problem with the connection between AbeBooks and our external payment service provider.

You may see any of the following error messages:

  • A Network or Similar Error has occurred.
  • We are unable to display the updated order status at this time.
  • We are temporarily unable to display the updated order status.

When this happens, the credit card has not been rejected and the order has not been cancelled. It just means the order cannot be processed at this time.

When this error occurs, there is no need to contact AbeBooks. You will be automatically notified by email as soon as the order is available for processing, usually within 24 hours.

The Status column for the order will display ‘Error’ or ‘Locked’. The buyer is not notified when this error occurs; they simply experience a slight delay in receiving their ‘Order Processed’ confirmation email.

The order is still valid and all AbeBooks policies and completion requirements still apply.

Any attempt to redirect the order away from the AbeBooks system is a violation of AbeBooks Policy.

If the order is rejected or refunded after the transaction has completed, it will negatively impact your completion rating and AbeBooks will not exclude such orders on your behalf.