A Seller Asked For Extra Charges – What’s Going On?

If you order a heavy or oversized book, or a set consisting of multiple books, the bookseller can request extra charges to cover the increased cost to ship the item. A seller may also ask for extra charges if they are required to collect sales tax or have to purchase insurance or tracking for a higher-priced book.

You can choose to either accept or reject the request. If you reject the extra charges, the bookseller can choose to cancel the order or ship the book at the original charge.

To accept or reject a request for extra charges:

  1. Click [My Account].
  2. Click [View My Purchases].
  3. Locate the order with the requested extra charges. Click [Yes] in the Extra Charges column to view the extra charges.
  4. Select [Accept] or [Reject].
  5. Click [Update Order].

You will be notified by email whether the bookseller has processed your payment and shipped the book or cancelled the order.

If you do not accept or reject the extra charges within 4 days of being notified, our system will reject the charges on your behalf. The bookseller will then have the option to cancel the order or ship at the original shipping charge.

Your credit card won’t be charged until the extra charges have been either accepted or rejected and the bookseller has processed the order.

Rejecting a request for extra charges will not automatically cancel an order. If you wish to cancel, please use the link below to contact Customer Support.