Seller Registration Promotional Codes – Terms and Conditions

  1. A valid promotional code must be entered during the seller registration process for the promotional credit to be applied.
  2. Each promotional offer is identified by a promotional code and has different requirements and rewards; you must comply with the relevant requirement to receive the offer.
  3. The value and expiry date of a promotional code is specified when the promotional offer is distributed; the value and expiry date of a promotional code is subject to change at AbeBooks’ sole discretion at any time.
  4. If a seller breaches any term of the AbeBooks Bookseller Agreement within the promotional period, the promotion will be withdrawn and the seller will be liable for any monthly subscription fees.
  5. A promotion may be withdrawn at any time. AbeBooks is not obliged to place a notice or otherwise notify sellers of the promotion’s withdrawal.
  6. Promotional codes have no cash redemption value and are not transferable or assignable.

How to become an AbeBooks bookseller