Introduction to Statements and reporting

The Statements and reporting page of your account is made up of four tabs that contain the details for your AbeBooks sales and payments:

Clear display of your AbeBooks account balance for the week, including any amount owed to you or due from you. If you have a balance owing from AbeBooks for sales made, the new statements clearly show the balance and when you will be paid. If you have a balance owing to AbeBooks, the new statements clearly show the balance due, when it is due, and when your on-file payment method will be charged.

A table that allows you to quickly view the sales and account transactions that make up your weekly statement balance.

Downloadable reports
A tool for generating comma-separated value (CSV) reports of all activity in your AbeBooks account. You can open these CSV reports in spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, so you can do custom reporting and analysis of your sales and account activity.

Tax invoices
Downloadable portable document format (PDF) files that display fees paid to AbeBooks along with any sales taxes charged on those fees. These non-payable invoices provide documentation for simplifying year-end expense and tax reporting for your business.

You can view your financial statements and reports directly from your Members Menu.

1. Sign into your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.

2. Select Statements and reporting under the My Payments section of the Members Menu.

Please Note: For account activity prior to March 27, 2020 please access it from the new Statements and reporting interface by clicking, ‘Don’t see the dates you’re looking for?’