What Does the Bookseller Rating Mean?

AbeBooks bookseller ratings are based on order completion – the number of orders a seller receives versus the number of orders rejected, cancelled, or returned.

We show bookseller ratings in a five-star format. The rating represents the percentage of orders that have been successfully completed by an individual bookseller in the previous six months.

To review a seller’s 1, 3, 6, and 12-month star ratings history, click on the book title in the listing, then click the Bookseller and Payment Information tab. Then, under the seller’s name, click the ‘Ratings History’ link.

The AbeBooks Performance Standards state that booksellers are required to maintain a minimum completion rate of 85% (4 stars). Booksellers who consistently maintain a completion rate below 85% may have their AbeBooks account suspended or closed at our discretion.

The bookseller rating does not currently include a buyer feedback component.

You can forward comments to the bookseller directly. AbeBooks would love to hear your comments about sellers – simply submit them through the online form.