Where Is My Book?

If your book has not arrived and you think it may be late, follow these steps:

  • Look up the order and check the estimated delivery date. Also check whether tracking has been provided by the seller.
  • If you have confirmed that the book is late, contact the bookseller directly and ask for additional information.

The estimated delivery date is provided in your ‘Order Processed’ email but can also be found via [My Account]. Click [View My Purchases] and locate your order in the list. The estimated delivery date is displayed within the order details.

If tracking information has been provided by the seller, it will also be displayed. Tracking details, when provided, are also sent to you via email.

If you’d like more information, use the [Contact Bookseller] link to send the seller an inquiry.

Our Where’s my Book help video may also be of assistance.

If it is past the estimated delivery date and no tracking information has been provided, then you are eligible for a refund.

Learn more about refunds.