Why are Some of My Books Not Appearing Online?

AbeBooks implements search filters to remove books whose descriptions contain information such as web site URLs, email addresses, or telephone numbers.

The following information is used to filter books:

Web Site / URL Identification

Any string starting with ‘HTTP’, ‘HTTPS’, ‘FTP’ or ‘MAILTO’ followed by ‘://’ is identified as a URL.

We look for all periods followed by one of the following suffixes: ‘AU’, ‘CA’, ‘DE’, ‘FR’, ‘UK’, ‘US’, ‘COM’, ‘EDU’, ‘NET’, ‘ORG’, ‘WEB’.

No image URLs ending with ‘JPG’, JPEG’, ‘GIF’, ‘TIF’ are filtered.

Email Addresses:

We look for an ‘@’ sign with a period, no space, followed by a suffix of ‘AU’, ‘CA’, ‘DE’, ‘FR’, ‘UK’, ‘US’, ‘COM’, ‘EDU’, ‘NET’, ‘ORG’, ‘WEB’.

Telephone Numbers:

We look for an area code. If that exists, we validate the next seven numbers for phone number patterns.

To view filtered books:

  1. Sign on to your AbeBooks account with your email address and password.
  2. In the ‘My Books’ section of the Menu, you will see [Filtered Books] followed by a number in brackets. If the number is 0, you have no filtered listings. If the number is anything other than 0, click the link to view your filtered listings.

A list of books affected by filters will appear. On each filtered book record will be a “Why is This a Filtered Listing?” link. Click this link and all words that trigger the filters will be highlighted in yellow.

If the book no longer triggers a filter, you will see a blue check mark below the book listing with a comment stating: “This listing would not be filtered based on the database version of the listing. If this listing is currently marked filtered by the search engine, it will be released from the filter on the next re-index.”

Removing Books from the Books Filtered List:

In your inventory management system, remove any web site URLs, email addresses, or phone numbers and upload the changes to AbeBooks. When the file processes, the book will be removed from the filtered list.